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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Coacha Online?
It is the leading online education platform that offers certified and signed certificates in cooperation with the world's distinguished educators. Every year, we send wet-signed and address-delivery certificates to thousands of people.
What is Online Education?
Online education is a type of education where you can get education whenever and wherever you want from a device with internet access, instead of a classic classroom environment and training at certain times.
Who Can Attend Online Trainings?
The online trainings in the Coacha are open to the participation of everyone without any preconditions or conditions. After watching and completing the online trainings you have purchased from anywhere, anytime, you will receive a training certificate.
How Do I Get a Certificate?
After completing the courses, you will receive an electronically signed certificate. All you have to do for this is to buy the course you want and complete the course.
What Will the Certificate I Get Benefit From?
By adding the certificate you have purchased to your CV, you can improve your career and stand out in job applications. Moreover, you can join at a certain time in the classroom environment, from wherever you want, whenever you want without wasting time. You can attend courses not only on CV, but also to improve yourself whenever you want.